About Our Session

At SACPC our Session is made up of 18 Ruling Elders elected by the congregation, and our ordained ministers. The Pastor/Head of Staff acts as the moderator of Session, and is supported by a Clerk of Session – a role currently held by Katherine Brandi. The Session meets each month to discuss and make decisions about church ministry focus, policies, and to discuss comments, questions, and concerns shared by members of the congregation.

Session Meetings

The session generally meets on the 4th Monday of the month. Members are always welcome to attend. Session meeting minutes can be accessed here.

Session Updates

For the latest session meeting updates and other session-related posts, visit our news site.

Session Committees

There are six Session committees delegated responsibility to manage certain Session-specific responsibilities. These committees include:

  1. Budget & Finance: Responsible for preparing church budgets, forecasting, making recommendations for finance options, etc. Reviews staff financial reports, prepares reports for Session consideration in conjunction with staff.
  2. Personnel: Responsible for personnel support, personnel policy development (coordinated with policy committee), legal/regulatory compliance, resource for staff, etc.
  3. Planning: Responsible for developing and managing church Session planning processes.
  4. Policy and Governance: Responsible for establishing/directing policy format (to include motions), incorporating “policy” decisions in appropriate policy manual(s), coordinating regular Session review of policies, ensuring policies are up-to-date and accessible by all church members, etc.
  5. Communication: Responsible for coordinating communication of Session decisions to congregation, facilitating research information requests (of Session), coordinating regular receipt of/response to congregational feedback, etc.
  6. Training: Responsible for training incoming officers, volunteers, Session committee chairs, etc. on policy, roles/responsibilities, etc.

Session Directory