Pastors & Staff

Rev. Robert Bayley

Interim Head of Staff

Plans worship services, in collaboration with the music staff and the  Associate Pastor, preaching most Sundays. He officiates baptisms, weddings and funerals when requested.  He guides the staff in all their efforts for the congregation and he moderates the Session.

Rev. Gary Smith

Parish Associate

Performs various pastoral duties, helping with preaching, leading worship, teaching, and visitation as needed. Director of Go and Serve Ministries.

Ann Benson

Visitation Minister

Works in Pastoral Care visiting nursing homes, homebound members and hospitals.

Catheryn Thomas

Executive Administrator

Handles much of the “behind-the-scenes” work for staff. She updates and manages all of the policies and protocols for staff, assists the Head of Staff with Session requests, and collaborates with other staff members in both big-picture and detailed planning.

Susan Dykes

Financial Administrator

Oversees all financial matters of the church, from processing giving, payroll, and invoices, to assisting the staff and Session with budgets.

Matthew Talley

Director of Web Development and Production

Produces and directs all media content for the church's online presence and live worship services. He develops and maintains all online resources to include the church website and mobile app. He is responsible for the creation and maintenance of branding initiatives and internal  communications.

Emily Donovan

Communications Coordinator

Produces weekly email newsletters and manages all social media accounts. Responsible for internal and external communications as well as implementation of church communication strategies.

Zac Phelps

College Intern

Assists Youth Director with all Youth group activities. Also works with Director of Web Development and Production with website and mobile app maintenance, ProPresenter slide creation and implementation, videography and audio capture/editing.

Kelli Corts

Business Manager

Management of rental property and Memorial Garden; facility use requests; church and website calendars; collection and tracking of monthly preschool tuition

Lynn Warner

Director of Children's Ministries

Tasked with the planning and implementation of all Christian Education programs for children.

Jen Phelps

Director of Youth Ministries

Tasked with the planning and implementation of all Christian Education programs for children.

Sue McCaffray

Director of Christian Education

Teaches, provides resources, and coordinates planning for adult classes, while coordinating with youth and children's directors to plan overall educational programs at SACPC.

Angela Burns

Director of Music

Oversees music programs and music implementation in worship at  SACPC. Also serves as the Adult Choir Director.

Cindy Litzinger

Associate Director of Music

Works with children in Kindermusik classes, vocal choirs, instrumental groups and various musical productions.  In addition to working with the children, she directs our adult handbell group.

Mark Gansor

Organist and Pianist

Performs liturgical music for all worship services, funerals, and weddings on organ and piano. Serves as principle accompanist for the Adult Choir. Maintains the church organ.

Jeff Sulick

Facilities Manager

Manages and maintains the church, its systems, cleaning and set-ups for events. Coordinates contracted work and landscaping of the building and grounds and oversee the safety and security of the church. Also works with church members to help keep our church grounds looking great.

Gayle Bell

Front Desk

Yard work, paper shredder, front desk greeter, mailing of memorial/in honor of cards, filing of accounts payable documents, ordering of coffee supplies and office supplies, care team assignment mailings.

Libby White

Front Desk

Front desk greeter, mailing to homebound members, paperwork for baptisms, weddings and funerals, worship attendance and other database entries.