Lent 2024: Table Talk

At the heart of every conversation...

Table Talk

Our theme for Lent is called "Table Talk" where we will spend five weeks exploring the importance and challenges of gathering at the Lord's Table, and how we encounter Jesus and all God's people at this shared table.

New this year,  Rev. Harrington will offer a special Wednesday evening Lenten Bible Study. Scroll down to learn more about this opportunity.

2024 Lenten Daily Devotional

Digital Download
We have purchased digital rights to the Presbyterian Outlook's Lenten series titled Local Pilgrim: A Wandering, Wondering Daily Devotional. Each passage invites you to explore new and familiar places within your community.  Lent is the perfect time for a pilgrimage and this devotional will have you exploring your community with fresh and new eyes like visiting a cemetery, a bar, a library, or an emergency waiting room.
Outlook Editor/Publisher Teri McDowell Ott and other writers helped craft this year's daily reflections. The devotional begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. It includes personal reflection, Scripture, and prayer.

Tread Lightly for Lent 2024

Digital Download
SACPC's Earth Care Team encourages everyone to participate in The Presbyterian Hunger Program's Lenten calendar which focuses on ways to move  "towards sustainable choices that restore and protect all of God’s children and creation." Lent is the perfect time to slow down and reflect on how "our collective choices have led to a changing global climate, which translates to warmer temperatures, rising sea levels, and severe storms..."

To address these global concerns, everyone must "commit to treading lightly on God’s Earth." Our Earth Care Team hopes you will use this resource with your friends and family to take steps intended to create more mindful choices throughout this season and the rest of the year.  

Opportunities To Grow Your Faith

Prayer Stations

Our Youth and Children's Ministries are joining forces to set up prayer stations in the Chapel from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm on Ash Wednesday.  The stations will then move to the Temple Rm 29 in the basement to become part of a newly created Spirituality Center.  Additional activities will be added throughout Lent to deepen the metanoia* experience. These activities are designed for all ages 3-103. We invite everyone to enjoy them throughout the Lenten season!

*Metanoia is derived from the Greek words "meta" (beyond) and "noia" (mind). It's the theological concept of having a change of heart or spiritual transformation. 

Weekly Bible Study

Every Wednesday  (FEB 21 - MAR 20)
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Kardia Rm 224
Every Wednesday in Lent, join Rev. Katherine B. Harrington for a lively discussion of the sermon text selected for the coming week's worship. We'll explore where God is leading us through these Scripture passages and possibly help shape the weekly sermon messages--unless the Holy Spirit has other ideas! Dinner is offered in Brown Hall at 5:30 pm. 

Lenten Holy Happenings

Table Talk Sermon Series

A Lenten Journey

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