"Bear one another's burdens..."

Accompany  Another

At SACPC, our Session is made up of 18 Ruling Elders elected by the congregation, and our ordained ministers. The Pastor/Head of Staff acts as the moderator of Session and is supported by a Clerk of Session. The Session meets each month to discuss and make decisions about church ministry focus, policies, and to discuss comments, questions, and concerns shared by members of the congregation.


Holy Cow! Consulting 

Our Pastor Nominating Committee is journeying through the pastor search process, seeking to hear the call of Christ and “to participate in God’s own choice” for our next head pastor.  Some of this journey included engaging with Holy Cow! Consulting to assess where the Holy Spirit is guiding our congregation. Results from a congregation-wide survey were recently presented to church members and the PNC hosted  three listening/feedback sessions between May 18 - 24, 2022.  

Ministry Information Form

In June 2022, our Pastor Nominating Committee completed the Ministry Information Form (MIF)  and it was uploaded to the PC(USA) website. This form will be viewed by pastors searching to find a church.  The MIF tells our story, reveals our top 10 out of 34 choices of skills and attributes desired of our future Pastor/Head of Staff, and answers 5 questions in narrative form that all searching congregations are required to answer. Click the button below to view this form.

Session Governance Policies

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Our Session is governed by the Book of Order of the PC(USA) and operates within a policy governance model of decision making. This video recording explains policy governance at SACPC.  Click the button below to view our most current Session Governance Policies. 

Members of Session

Clerk of Session
Jo Carpenter

Class of 2022
Jeff Flynn
William Gwathmey
Brian Lanier
David Massey
Rita Pasquariello
Paige Williams
Class of 2023
Lisa Bohbrink
Kathy Denlinger
Russell Herring
Matt Hilliard
Tony McEwen
Eddie Stuart
Class of 2024
Lynn Atkinson
Beth Cherry
Hugh Caison
Joan Gray
Cliff Hester
Jim Snyder

Chair of Diaconate
John Bohbrink

Class of 2022:
John Bohbrink
Beth Chadwick
Joe Dixon
Chris Richardson
Melinda Stewart
Mary Tyler
Marianne Wayne
Brent Williams
Class of 2023:
Angela Brownfield
Margo Davy
Sandy Garner
Jennings Lathan
Linda McMurry
Cindy Pierson
Class of 2024:
Kathy Benson
Stanton Bissette
Alison Sineath
Rick Wheeler

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