Session Committees

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Session is made up of six different committees dedicated to managing Session specific information.


Responsible for ensuring Session’s effective oversight of church finances, insurance, investments, rental properties, and for assisting the Head of Staff with financial matters when requested. The committee reviews the finances of the church on a monthly basis. It also reviews and provides feedback on the proposed annual budget prepared by staff and makes recommendations to Session based on that review.

Human Resources

Human Resources Committee is responsible for : facilitating Head of Staff monitoring processes, ensuring session's effective oversight of called staff, ensuring an effective officer nominations process and assisting Head of Staff when requested by the Head of Staff.


Responsible for facilitating the Session's planning process. The committee helps the Session create and follow an annual agenda that re-explores the Session's long term direction (known as ends policies) and provides education to the Session to help it define and clarify the church's ends policies. The committee also plans the Session's annual retreat.


Ensures that Session adheres to, and follows, its Governance Policies. We maintain the Session Governance Policy document and draft policies for Session review, when requested by Session.  We also make sure that Session is aware of denominational policy initiatives and changes.

Congregational Engagement

Responsible for facilitating communication between the congregation and Session in areas that include stewardship, local and global partnerships, Session activity and congregational needs.


Responsible for training current and incoming officers on governance policy including roles, responsibilities, practice outlined in governance policies and on denominational policies (Book of Order).